Lyndsey: Part Two

I know I probably say this about every photo shoot…but this was one of my favorites. For one, how gorgeous is autumn? Second, how cute is Lyndsey’s outfit? Third, this was absolutely trespassing. Can I say that on here? Anyway, being a little rebellious always makes things more fun. I told Lyndsey the day before that I have dreamt of sneaking into this “picture perfect field” (no pun intended).  I have drove past this gem almost everyday for the last ten years of my life but never thought I could get in because of the…well…barbed wire fence. Obviously…we found a nice opening in the fence and trekked through, WHILE carrying this chair. Not to be dramatic, but blood was drawn. And this field is more vicious than appears. Clearly, it was worth it though. I think we both did a little *clapping jumping squealing* after we left. (very professional of me, I know) All together this session was great, and it goes without saying…I hope to break the law a little bit again this summer.