Tyler’s Senior Photos!

meet tyler. he may appear to be your average teenage boy who just loves baseball and video games but don’t be fooled! tyler showed up and practically did the shoot for me. his sister has spent years of me making her pose in front of the camera (seeing as she is my best friend, roommate of 4 years, and forever my traveling buddy) but little did i know tyler would show up and blow me away with his knack for being anything but awkward in front of the camera (which is hard to do as a teenage boy). here he is, the little cutie. or should i say….male model in the making.


hurry up Parker baby!

you know that feeling of having so much to say that you can hardly think of anything to say at all? 

that is how i feel about these two…(three).

these photos are of my dear friends Beth and Zac. I hate to put people on a pedestal…but i’m going to. this couple is one of the reasons my life is what it is today. i could go on forever, but i won’t. i’ll just say…thank for showing me what jesus’ love looks like by just living your life.

all that to say… here they are. baby parker is due the end of november (crossing my fingers he comes on my birthday). i can’t wait to meet you parker!